about moi-basics

Lukas Frei, Founder moi-basics 

Even though there are a multitude of underwear producers out there, I’ve never been entirely satisfied with what’s on offer. I’m not into the bold branding on my waistband nor the slightly old-fashioned appeal of the more sophisticated and understated brands. I’ve had underwear that lacks appropriate support exactly where it’s needed, ones that fit perfectly in the morning but sit loose by the evening, and others that you can feel constantly while walking, standing or even just sitting.

So what would make underwear perfect according to me? The design would need to be reduced and basic and possess an effortless style with understated branding. The quality in material and manufacturing would have to be exceptional, as well as the comfort and fit. This underwear would have to be sustainable in material and production, with fair working conditions and short distances from the source to the finished product.

After broaching the subject to female and male friends, I realized that I’m definitely not alone in wanting these above-par undergarment standards. And so the Swiss underwear label moi-basics came to life with the aim of producing nothing less than perfect underwear.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me: