about sustainability

moi-basics believes that sustainability isn’t just about the fabric. It’s also about the cultivation of plants, how far material has to be transported, how and where the production takes place and how the goods are packaged. moi-basics makes sure that not only the environment, but also all the people involved in production, are treated with maximum respect.

finest yarns made CO2-neutrally from local beechpulp.

For its fine-rib collection, moi-basics uses a super-soft MicroModal fabric made of Austrian beech tree fibers knitted in Vorarlberg by OEKOTEX 100 standards. MicroModal is more sustainable than other fabrics such as organic cotton, since beech tree forests grow locally and don’t require watering or growth enhancers. Furthermore, the process to produce the beech pulp is 100% CO2 neutral. 

moi-basics is manufactured with a lot of care in this corsetteria.

Once the fabric is produced, it’s transported roughly 260 km to the Italian side of Lago Maggiore, in order to be sewn in a small family-owned corsetteria by experienced seamstresses. The finalized products are then driven to moi-basics in Zurich—another mere 250 km—where they are stored, packaged and shipped. So, what your moi-basics underwear may lack in extensive travel experience like other brands, it definitely makes up for in terms of integrity.