artist collabs

I’ve always been very interested in photography as an art form. That’s why I started this series of collabs with outstanding swiss photographers, giving them complete artistic freedom during their shoots with the moi-basics products. The idea is to keep the artistic results of these collabs as an ongoing project, featuring photographer after photographer on social media and on this website, and later in an exhibition and a published book.

I hope you’ll like these individual and unique works, which bring together my passion for the perfect undergarment and extraordinary photography.   


Claude Gasser works as a commercial photographer and filmmaker between Zürich and wherever he goes. The base of his creative process is the ability to catch very spontaneous and natural moments in a very unique and precise way. His work tells a story of a sensitive play between lights, shadows and authenticity. His craft is driven and shaped by the desire to explore and create one of a kind visual experiences.


Tobias Stampfli is a photographer based in Zurich. He performs for both, national and international customers in fashion, editorial and commercial asignments. In his work he expresses his idea of contemporary coolness and draws attention to the beauty of reality. 


Zurich-based photographer Sandro Mazzola is fascinated by the many possibilities offered by photography. He places particular emphasis on visually appealing as well as provocative images that captivate the viewer.


Olivia Schenker 
is a swiss photographer, video maker and graphic designer whose work mainly explores intimacy, sexual diversity and gender expression. Aspiring to transdisciplinarity in her practice, she combines both film and digital photography, videos and post-production manipulations.


Moritz Schermbach
is a photographer based in Basel. He covers fashion, still life, portrait and landscape. Though his work can not be categorized easily, it is always informed by a tangible atmosphere and a meticulously composed scenery. His unconditional trust lies in the object depicted.


This project is ongoing. Please check again for new series.