what sustainable and ethical means to moi-basics

moi-basics believes that sustainability isn’t just about the choice of fabric. It’s also about the cultivation of the natural sources, how far the material has to be transported, how and where the production takes place and under what environmental conditions. And finally, it’s also about eco-friendly packaging and shipping. moi-basics also makes sure that not only the environment, but also all the people involved in production are treated with the greatest respect. moi-basics collaborates with specialized, family-run businesses only, where good working conditions, fair wages and social benefits are granted. As all partners are based in Switzerland or neighbouring regions, we also cherish the opportunity of close personal contact and regular exchange to maximise quality and minimise the ecological footprint.

finest yarns produced CO2-neutrally from from local beech pulp.

For its fine-rib collection, moi-basics uses a super-soft MicroModal fabric made from Austrian beech tree fibers and knitted in an innovative family-run business in Vorarlberg by OEKOTEX 100 standards. MicroModal is more sustainable than other fabrics such as cotton, since beech tree forests grow locally and don’t require watering or growth enhancers. Furthermore, the process to produce the beech pulp is 100% CO2-neutral.

moi basics is carefully manufactured by hand in this family-run corsetteria.

Once the fabric is produced, it is transported less than 260 km to the Italian side of Lago Maggiore to a small, family-owned corsetteria which specialises in lingerie. There, the fabric is cut and carefully sewn by experienced seamstresses into the finalised lingerie pieces. They are then controlled, packed and sent to moi-basics in Zurich—another mere 250 km—where they are stored, packed and finally shipped. So, what your moi-basics underwear may lack in extensive travel experience like other brands, it definitely makes up for in terms of integrity.

eco-friendly and locally produced packaging for shipping and retail.

The boxes and textile bags for transport and storage are reused several times until they are recycled. All packaging material for online orders, from tissue paper to cards, stickers, address labels and envelopes are made from recycled paper by local producers. The cardboard boxes for sale in boutiques were developed together with an innovative printing company in Emmental and are cradle-to-cradle certified for recycling without any residue. Finally, all orders within Switzerland are being shipped climate-neutrally. 

If you have any further questions or suggestions regarding the sustainability of moi-basics, please don’t hesitate to contact me: lukas@moi-basics.com